Walnut Lovers | 2012

As part of the team at LRXD, we sought an opportunity to deliver a forward and unique way of thinking. It was a few months before the California Walnut Board Advertising & PR RFP was due and while conducting some "walnut" research across web, we made an interesting observation: there were millions of instances of the word "walnut" being mentioned across social channels revealing an untapped conversation. Not even the Walnut Board truly recognized the size of the conversation and the potential it meant for the industry. So we set out to demonstrate our capabilities by owning the "walnut conversation."


California Walnut Board RFP Response | You

About two months before the RFP was to be submitted, we developed a website that aggregated all content mentioning "walnuts". We branded ourselves and the community we represented as Walnut Lovers. The website would aggregate all content including social media, blogs, news and video content into one page. In tandem, we began to monitor and listen to the "walnuts" conversation online and proceeded to interact with every single person in the US that mentioned the word. We developed a community of thousands of followers, developed a printed Walnut Lovers Edition Holiday Cookbook gaining thousands of email addresses and even received a unrequested blog post on the cover of the LA Times Food blog, which was published the day the RFP was submitted! 

California Walnut Board RFP Response | Us

By the time the RFP responses were submitted, the Walnut Board, their agencies, the LA Times and their readers and anyone on the internet who mentioned "walnuts" was aware of Walnut Lovers. We had spent months implementing a "prototype" program demonstrating our capabilities and expertise and used the real-time display as a tool giving our potential partners visibility into our way of working. But, no one on Earth had any idea that it was the LRXD team behind the Walnut Lovers brand. Our unvielving came in the form of our response, at the completion of the You section we asked readers to flip over our presentation and this time read about Us. 

California Walnut Board RFP Response | The Pitch

After successfully delivering two separate responses, it came down to us and one other as the final two agencies in consideration. This was incredible. We took an unbelievably unique approach to getting the attention of the walnut community and demonstrated our capabilities and expertise in real-time. The compelling responses developed by our team secured our move into the final consideration. We hosted the Walnut Board at our offices, pitched our final thoughts completing our vision with a walnut-inspired buffet, real-time projections of the walnuts conversation as we pitched and even a prototype grocery aisle demonstrating how our packaging and branding would look in an actual retail environment. This is by far one of the projects I am most proud of and am honored to have had the opporutinity with the LRXD team.