Smart & Final | 2015-2017

As a 145 year old, multi-billion dollar grocer, Smart & Final is one of California's oldest food brands serving each of the communities they operate in through donations and resources in support of local non-profits, in addition to offering bulk items and warehousing pricing without the membership. Our objective was clear... "make food fun!!" and for more than two years we helped define and establish a unique, intuitive and modern digital and social media presence. Contributing daily content, regular rich media productions, and frequent promotional campaigns across existing and new digital and social media platforms.


Father's Day | 2016

Can we create an emotional connection with our community, perhaps even provoke them to cry? Parental roles are evolving; "Dad" is no longer a gender-specific role and has an increasing presence and responsibility in child and family development. Yet, Mother's Day is still the more popular gifting holiday. As part of the brand's 145th anniversary, we wanted to celebrate and remind our communities of the durability, lovability, and stability of the father-figure in our lives.

#SoGoodTogether | 2017

Did you know more new "friends" are connected on Facebook & Instagram during Summer than at any other period during the year? As part of the launch of the brand's Instagram presence, we wanted to encourage the celebration of summer and meeting new people by asking our communities to share how they make their summers #SoGoodTogether! The campaign resulted in thousands of photos, which we used in dynamic real-time Instagram ads and acquired thousands of new email and social media followers.


Instagram Launch | 2017

We carefully evaluated the food & beverage, grocery and "foodie" communities on the platform to identify opportunities for creating a unique presence. We examined the use of color, photography, illustration, style, frequency, and voice, providing us with clear direction of how we could develop a position that would allow the brand to contribute in a unique and intentional way for any present or future conversations.


Nick Williams: Director, Media + Design, Digital Fusion

Brent Thelen: Creative Director, Digital Fusion

Leyla Sarper: Social Media Specialist, Digital Fusion

Tim Chrepta: Designer, Digital Fusion

Bo Smith: Copywriter + Producer, Freelance

Joseph VanDette: VP of Marketing & Analytics, Smart & Final

Marisol Marks: Director of Marketing, Smart & Final

Deb Belle-Versluis: Manager of Corporate Communications, Smart & Final