O'Hara's/Carlow Brewing | 2013-2014

Ireland has traditionally had a long history of brewing. The Carlow Brewing Company, also known as O'Hara's Irish is an Irish craft brewery located in BagenalstownCounty Carlow. It is one of the largest craft breweries in Ireland. As one of Ireland's emerging craft brewers, Carlow had a desire to join the craft beer explosion happening across the pond in the US and I had the honor and privalege of helping build their online community.



For more than two years, I helped the Carlow Brewery of Ireland manage the buying activity, community management and overall digital and social media presence. During America's largest craft beer revolution, we established a visible social media presence through active contribution and promotional efforts.


Ireland Is Calling

This was the first digital and social media presence ever developed for Carlow Brewingโ€™s line of Irish stouts and ales, known as, Oโ€™Haraโ€™s Irish. The Oโ€™Haraโ€™s brand of beers was founded in 1996 and for the best decade and a half, have made a name for themselves producing Irelandโ€™s finest craft beers. There name and awareness has grown so much, they expanded distribution to the US and needed to introduce the brand to more craft beer drinkers. This was all happening at the start of the craft beer movement in the US and was a perfect time to expand Oโ€™Haraโ€™s presence online and on the shelves.


Irish Craft Variety Pack

For Oโ€™Haraโ€™s 2014 annual St. Patrickโ€™s Day promotion, we helped Carlow Brewing Company develop a strategy that leveraged an in-store insert into a Special Edition Variety Pack, that included a unique code where fans could then visit Facebook and enter to win multiple different prizes, including $1,000. Each Variety Pack also included an instant rebate, ensuring fans some reward for participating and lowering the barrier to entry.


Nick Williams: Content & Social Media Manager, Digital Fusion

John Gilbert: Creative Director, LRXD

Sheena Belcher: Account Manager, Digital Fusion

Catherine Parenteau: Director of Marketing, Paulaner | HP USA

Sean O'Grady: Brand Manager, Paulaner USA, O'Hara's Irish Craft & Fruli Brewery