Miscellaneous Projects 

Not all projects are a success or are even seen by consumers, but the effort, work and learnings that come from them are no less valuable, in fact, one could argue that in these failures are my greatest lessons. These are a few a projects that I participated in that did not work out like we planned, but am proud to share.


MoneyCarta | 2014

MoneyCarta is a financial planning app the helps you understand the meaning of your spending. I had the privalige of helping develop the overall branding, position and plan, while assisting with the day-to-day marketing activities.

Entrepreneur Magazine + Big Papa's BBQ | 2011

To me, working with small businesses is the essence of strategy. Minimal egos, minimal stakeholders, maximum control and access to any and all resources. In 2012, the LRXD crew partnered with Entrepreneur Magazine and a Denver-based BBQ restaurant to see if a little Social Sauce could help market the business. Our strategy was simple; Bring the People to the Food or the Food to the People. We leveraged emerging media platforms to announce pop-up rib giveaways, listened with modern social monitoring to give local competitors a little ribbin' and even offered fans the chance to win a fully catered Big Papa's Backyard BBQ! 


Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler! | 2013

The Dixie Brewing Company of NOLA, was founded in 1907. It was an honor and privilege to help develop the official Dixie Facebook page and community. Based in NOLA, the Dixie brewery was devastated by hurricane Katrina. Not only was it flooded, but looters proceeded to steal everything from inside. Soon after the land was absorbed by LSU and Veterans Affairs to make way for a new hospital. Our goal was to shield the controversy as it continued to be resolved and instead focus on whatโ€™s ahead. Hence the campaign slogan, โ€œLet the good times roll!โ€


Become A Fruli Mixologist! | 2013

We helped the Paulaner|HP Group launch the Fruli Strawberry Beer brand on Facebook and Pinterest. The goal was to introduce the beer to the US market and build awareness on emerging platforms. We helped Fruli develop a Pin-To-Win sweepstakes encouraging fans to pin their favorite Fruli photos for a chance to host their own Fruli Mixology Party.