Fuller's USA | 2013-2014

Fuller's Brewery (Fuller, Smith & Turner plc) is an independent family regional brewery founded in 1845 in Chiswick, West London. John Fuller's Griffin Brewery dates from 1816; in 1845, his son, John Bird Fuller was joined by Henry Smith and John Turner to give the company its full name. The company's beers include London Pride. Fuller's owns and operates over 380 pubs, inns and hotels across the south of England. Fuller's has long been widely available in the US for many years, but with the explosion of craft beer came the integration of emerging social and digital media platforms and the brand wanted to establish it's own voice in those communities.  


Remebering Our Roots | 2014

In England, Fuller's distributes and produces many seasonal and new beers. They are an original London brewery, but also a craft brewery. The beers Fuller's has been experimenting with for more than 150 years has become the new craze in America. In fact, for the first time in history, craft beer outsold America's largest selling brewery, Budwieser. As the American pallette expands, Fuller's suddenly becomes more desired and relevant. Many of America's craft breweries are inspired by the British-style ales Fuller's has built it's brewery on. 


British Class Meets American Class | 2014

We helped Fuller's increase their presence and build their social communities by challenging America's craft beer drinkers to compare Fuller's Ales to their favorite craft beer of the same style. Fans would be participating for a chance to win a trip to the Fuller's brewery in London. The best way to get a craft beer drinker to try a beer is for the favorite craft brewery to recommend it or give credit to their own brews. We partnered with Utah based Epic Brewing Company and Indiana based Upland Brewing Company to provide on-site opportunities where fans could participate in the promotion on locaiton. We supported the campaign with multiple on-location tastings that took place in Denver, Indiana and Utah. These events were highlighted and supported with paid media on Facebook and Twitter. We also provided daily community management and content during the three month campaign.


Vintage Ale Release | 2013

Every year, Fuller's Brewery releases a Vintage Ale that is best enjoyed after it has been aged over time. In 2013, we helped the Fuller's Brewery with a holiday sweepstakes to enter for a chance to win one of a limited availability 2009 Vintage Ale. This sweepstakes was part of the launch strategy announcing the presence of Fuller's on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To further build the US presence, we built a strategy that required email and Facebook access. This effort was supported with a minimal monthly paid media placement as well as daily community management and participation.


Nick Williams: Content & Social Media Manager, Digital Fusion

John Gilbert: Creative Director, LRXD

Sheena Belcher: Content Manager, Digital Fusion

Catherine Parenteau: Director of Marketing, Paulaner | HP USA

Charles Stanley: Brand Manager, Hacker-Pschorr & Fuller's USA