Best Buy | 2011

In the fall of 2013, I had the chance to lead the pitch for Best Buy as part of their annual review. After multiple rounds of responses, we won the RFP and our first project was to develop the Facebook RewardZone App. This is by far the largest pitch I have been a part of, the team included the full crew from DesignKitchen, plus an A-team of members from WPP & CHI Partners.


Round 1: Social Strategy RFP

Upon joining the Strategy team I quickly expanded my responsibilities to include business development and pitch development. We were asked to develop an RFP response for Best Buy's annual social media account review. As part of the RFP, the brand wanted some specific examples of the use of currency and ecommerce on social platforms, as well as overall social and digital media capabilities. I worked heavily in conducting the research and developing the overall narrative of the response.

Round 2: Social Strategy - Mini RFP

Best Buy was impressed and intrigued with our position and the amount of relevant research and information presented in the first round of responses, that they moved into the next round where we were asked to provide specific recommendations and concepts for engaging the "gamer" audience. At the time, the brand was losing out to used and more gamer-focused competitors and wanted to know how to better reach those users. We conducted focus groups, leveraged industry data and challenged the social norm to identify an insight around the gaming culture that we felt was strong for Best Buy to build on. 

Winning Social Strategy

The true insight was that gamers are like tribes. They have small packs of friends and other gamers that they affiliate with and they share many different traits. It is a club, similar to skaters, they have their own style and personal brands and enjoy sharing the gaming experience with others who value it for similar reasons. We felt the best way to demonstrate our understanding of this culture was to speak their language. Our team developed the Kunami Code of decks helping us win the RFP for the CHI | Wunderman Group and started with our first project, building the Facebook Best Buy RewardZone App.