All Sacred Tattoo Studio + Foundation | 2017-2018

All Sacred Tattoo Studio specializes in a style of tattooing that celebrates the traditions of tattooing as far back as history records, honoring a style that embraces ornamental design, dot work, geometric, and all forms of culturally inspired tattooing. Upon completing my own tattoo, the founder asked if I would be interested in helping them evolve their business. The All Sacred Foundation, a non-profit, supports local communities and organizations and All Sacred had a desire to refresh the brand, build an online store and develop an event that all could be used to support the charitable efforts of the Foundation.


All Sacred Multisite + Brand Re-fresh 

The first phase of the program was a brand re-fresh followed by the design and development of a new multisite. The new site was to be a destination for the Studio as well as the Foundation. We built a fully-integrated multisite complete with ecommerce, where all transactions and profits are donated to the community. Working with All Sacred, we secured local artists, vendors, and entertainment, including GRiZ! 

Gathering for the Greater Good

For more than five years the All Sacred Studio | Foundation has been donating full days of work directly to the local charities they support. When we started working together, we were convinved that this platform had a much larger purpose and we were determined to build an event that would encourage participation while also giving back to our community. 

Artist Highlight | Jamie Beach - Handpoke

In addition to a new website and the launch of the Gather For The Greater Good event, we also worked to develop new content and social presence. Highlighting the traditional styles of the artists, we set out to develop an Artist Series, where we featured a new artist and their respective style and portfolio each month/


Nick Williams: Strategy, Locate//Create

Brent Thelen: Creative Director, Locate//Create

Aries Rhysing: Owner, All Sacred Tattoo Studio | Foundation